Training Cost As From 1st April 2022

Training Cost As From – 1st April 2022
For your information, we review our training cost every year!

Membership & Insurance Fee: £27/Year

Pay as you go Plan:
Beginner or Intermediate class: £7/lesson (1hr Lesson)
Black belt club: £9/lesson (2hrs lesson)
Note: Pay as you go must be paid on the same day as you receive training.

Monthly Plan: One lesson in a week
Beginner class: £23/member
Intermediate class: £23/member
Advance class (Black belt club): £28/member

Monthly Plan: Two lesson in a week
Beginner class: £35/member
Intermediate class: £35/member
Advance class (Black belt club): £42/member
If you have three members in a family and want to join then, one member in the family will get free training.

KUP Grading Fee (Juniors Grade Exam Fee)
White belt-Blue red belts: £30/Student
Red Belt- Red black belt: £50/student

Dan Grading Fee (Black Belt Exam Fee)
1st Kup – 1st Dan : £150
1st Dan – 2nd Dan: £170
2nd Dan – 3rd Dan: £190
3th Dan – 4th Dan: £250
4th Dan – 5th Dan: £350

Way Taekwondo Bank details for payments
Pay to: Way Taekwondo
Short Code: 20-02-62
Account No: 83143783
Payment Reference: Student ID or Full Name
If you have any question, please contact to your Instructor.

Payments Terms and Conditions
1. Membership Fee: Membership fee paid for one year and it will cover your accidental insurance during training and any events organised by Way Taekwondo or any clubs associated with British Taekwondo (BT). Membership fee is not refundable.
2. Training Fee: Training fees will no longer be refunded but you can change your payment plan into pay as you go at any time. If you want to change training fee payment plan, you need to let us know by text message or email or call before you receive invoice from us.
3. Payment system: i) Monthly basis: fee need to be paid within 1st week (1st – 7th) of each month. ii) Pay as you go: fee must be paid each time every lesson. iii) Late payment: if you are late for making payment, you will be charged as, pay as you go rate.
4. We accept cash, PayPal, card or online transfer payment. Please feel free to use any system.

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