COVID Step 3 Club Guidance

Step 3 from 17th May 2021

Children (Under 18’s)

  • Taekwondo club activity for children in all forms can continue
  • There will be no limit to children’s class sizes from Step 3


  • .Taekwondo classes for groups of adults are permitted from Step 3
  • All adults from different households must remain socially distanced at all times (during all general training warm-ups / downs, drills, patterns etc)
  • Adults from different households cannot participate in any form of sparring activity that brings them into contact or closer than 2 metres.
  • Coaches can conduct 1:1 pad work with individual adult students (with the coach wearing a mask and gloves)
  • Coaches should not move between adults or other groups of children, without first fully cleaning all equipment and clothing / PPE to prevent potential surface transfer of the virus.


  • Adult parent spectators are permitted at club training sessions from Step 3
  • All adults from different households must socially distance at a minimum of 2 metres at all times
  • Adult spectators should wear a mask when indoors
  • Clubs must check that the venue capacity limits (of 100 square feet per person) are adhered to, factoring all participants and spectators.

We have updated our Covid risk assessments and implementation plans to reflect changes and share the implementation plan with members.


  • Competitions are not permitted until at least Step 4 / Phase 3
  • Government due to publish more information on events, restrictions, and timelines in the coming weeks.

For more information visit British Taekwondo Website

Activity Risk Assessment 

Activity Implementation Plan

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