Victoria Park Outdoor Training COVID-19 Implementation Plan As at 20th June 2020

Victoria Park Outdoor Training COVID-19 Implementation Plan As at 20th June 2020

I hope all our Taekwondo Members and parents are healthy and safe. As you know due to COVID-19 Pandemic the whole world is suffering. Recently Government has announced that we can do outdoor activities keeping the safe distance in groups of “FIVE’ if we run it safely.

Way Taekwondo always follows Government Guidance, England Sports and British Taekwondo’s advice. It’s been almost three months. We don’t know when we are opening our Club. To keep our students active and up to date we have been doing Online and Live sessions for the last three months. Now we come up with another plan and it is outdoor training in the Victoria Park, Ashford Kent TN23 4QA.

I already informed you about outdoor training in the Victoria Park by text message and Viber Message Group and already have your name on the list as well. Due to the small number of groups (5) we have very limited space. This is a first come first serve basis. We cannot promise you right now how many lessons we can provide you, but we will try our best to provide as many as we can.


  1. When you arrive at Victoria Park, each family member must stay separate from other families keeping a minimum 2-meter distance at all times.
  2. Students must bring a water bottle, wear Taekwondo Trouser, T-shirts on the top & Sports shoes. You cannot share your water bottle with others unless he/she is from the same family members.
  3. We will be providing sanitiser in the area at the same time we suggest you bring your own handy sanitiser with you as well.
  4. We will be using markers and posters to separate students from each other all the time. Before we start will give them safety rules. Inform your kids before they arrive in the Park. Once they arrive at Victoria Park, we will call out their name to line up One by One. You need to keep your kids with you until we callout. During the training time you can go for a walk or exercise, but you must arrive on time to collect your kids to avoid any interruption for the next lesson.
  5. There will be a maximum five (5) students in each group. Do not try to miss any lesson unless you have a very important duty. Please let us know very early if you are not able to come, so we can put someone in your space. It will be very difficult to manage if we have to replace them all the time, so everyone should be very responsible.
  6. Due to the high risk of COVID-19, We are avoiding all physical contact training. We will be updating our lesson plan in our App and Viber Message Group.
  7. We assess all the Risk and apply all the Health & Safety measures to reduce the Risk and make our training session safer to students.

We encourage our Parents to observe our session, so you can give us feedback after the end of the lesson.

We want to see all our students doing at list 1 session every week where possible.


This Training will be in Pay as you go basis.

Feel free to discuss with us by Email, Text message or Phone if you have any questions.

We are Starting Outdoor sessions from Tomorrow (Tuesday, 23rd June 2020)

Your Groups and Timetables will be sent to you by Email and Viber message Group.

We have selected 3 different training Locations because other people could occupy our area and we have to move somewhere else. Therefore, you need to keep checking us from Training Location 1, 2, & 3 to find us.

Please Keep following our instructions to keep up to date yourself to avoid any misunderstanding.

See you all very soon.

Best Wishes

Mr Ista Gurung
Way Taekwondo-Chief Instructor
Web: WayTKD.Com

M: 07450 260314

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