Recommendation For the Grading | 16th July 2023

Dear Members,

I hope this message finds you well. It is my pleasure to announce the publication of our KUP grade exam recommendation list. In order to be eligible for the exam, students are required to meet the following criteria:

  • Attend a minimum of 12-16 lessons over a period of 3-4 months.
  • Reach the required standard for their level.

We extend our gratitude to all the students for their hard work and dedication. However, please note that 22 students are still under review. If you do not see your  name on the list and want to attend exam, you must let us know ASAP.

We encourage all students to keep striving for excellence and wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

Grading Date: Sunday 16th July 2023

Folkestone Group: 9am -12pm at Broomfield hall, 37 Broomfield Rd, CT19 4DJ.
Juniors Group | Ashford: 2:30pm-4:30pm, The Stour Centre, Station Approach, Ashford TN23 1ET.
Seniors Group| Ashford: 4:30pm-6:30pm, The Stour Centre, Station Approach, Ashford TN23 1ET.

Grading Date: Sunday 16th July 2023

Time & Venue: 9am -12pm at Broomfield hall, 37 Broomfield Rd, CT19 4DJ

1467MLMishek Limbu10TH KUP
2468SLSalathiel Limbu10TH KUP
3F469STSameep Tamang10TH KUP
4F137SRSalina Rana9TH KUP
5F419YGYuvan Gurung9TH KUP
6F415AGAavaan Gurung9TH KUP
7F454IJIsla Jones8TH KUP
8F455CGCelina Gurung8TH KUP
9F410PTPrakriti Thapa8TH KUP
10F411PTPratika Thapa8TH KUP
11F451MLMarley Lawrence8TH KUP
12F390SGSamuel Gurung6TH KUP
13F391ALAyu Limbu5th KUP
14F340PRPragyan Rai5TH KUP
15F344NGNaisha Gurung5TH KUP
16F367AGAasir Raj Gurung4TH KUP
17F268AGAayan Gurung4TH KUP
18F387ESEryk Skora4TH KUP

Juniors Group | Ashford | 2:30pm-4:30pm

Time & Venue: 2:30pm-4:30pm, The Stour Centre, Station Approach, Ashford TN23 1ET.

1463PRPrajesh Rai10TH KUP
2471RMRihasha Roka Magar10TH KUP
3472FTFrankie Taylor10TH KUP
4457FRFinn Reynolds9TH KUP
5418NTNeyong Tamang9TH KUP
6440MGMilan Gurung9TH KUP
7441MMMax Marusca9TH KUP
8444ALAbison Limbu9TH KUP
9445NLNingsen Limbu9TH KUP
10446TLTancho Limbu9TH KUP
11448CBMCyrus Budha Magar9TH KUP
12409SSSparsha Shrestha9TH KUP
13427LSLiam Shrees9TH KUP
14447LSLea Shrees9th KUP
15442IRIan Rai9TH KUP
16453JGJayden Gurung9TH KUP
17456KLKhandro Lama9TH KUP
18461NCNosam Chemjong9TH KUP
19435APAayan Pandey9TH KUP
20436RKRoshan Kharel9TH KUP
21450BBBidhan Bhandari9TH KUP
22464SLSamyok Limbupalungwa9TH KUP
23465SLSuhan Limbupalungwa9TH KUP
24459PJPrashansa Jugjali9TH KUP
25416SGShubhay Gurung9TH KUP
26413ASAhmad Ali Samad9TH KUP
27452TRThomas Reed9TH KUP
28433RMRokas Macarthur9TH KUP
29434EMEsme Macarthur8TH KUP
30411EJEdward Johnstone8TH KUP
31460NCNoyem Chemjong8TH KUP
32414SGSanyog Ghale8TH KUP
33348ASAidan Shrestha8TH KUP
34381SCSheldon Chen8TH KUP
35449AGAaron Gurung8TH KUP
36458PJPrapti Jugjali8TH KUP
37403STShayan Thapa8th KUP
38334GTGianna Tarami7TH KUP
39437HTHayden Thapa7TH KUP
40404PSProsper Sherchan7TH KUP

Seniors Group | Ashford | 4:30pm-6:30pm

Time & Venue: 4:30pm-6:30pm, The Stour Centre, Station Approach, Ashford TN23 1ET.

1351ARAdarsh Rai6TH KUP
2425HKHana Kramberger6TH KUP
3423DZDaniel Zheng6TH KUP
4330AAAbhinav Aryal6TH KUP
5406MLMaja Loboda6TH KUP
6408BPBrooklyn Pun6TH KUP
7426GSGongyi Sun6TH KUP
8424MLMaulik Limbu6TH KUP
9439KHKyle He6TH KUP
10422CLCadence Lee6TH KUP
11310AGAlvina Gurung5TH KUP
12316TKTanish Karkera5th KUP
13332SNSamik Neupane5th KUP
14314DGDipson Gurung5th KUP
15407GRGeorge Derrick Ramboanga5th KUP
16356NDNathaniel Daly5TH KUP
17329KGKrisha Gauchan5TH KUP
18306ATAsbin Thapa4th KUP
19313RJRRiwazd Jung Rai4th KUP
20236OBOlayemi Balogun4th KUP
21232ABAmeerah Balogun3RD KUP
22284AAAmeer Amer3RD KUP
23285MAMaya Amer3RD KUP
24331JAJazmin Aryal3RD KUP
25248SPShadin Pun3RD KUP

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