Largest Kup Grading Ever – 19th Nov 23

Sunday, 19th Nov 23,

In Way Taekwondo Club, we have just completed the largest Kup Grading ever. Over 100 students enthusiastically participated in this event, and we are grateful for the incredible support and assistance from parents, which played a vital role in the event’s success. A heartfelt thank you to all parents for your kind help and support.

The results for the Folkestone Group have been announced, but we are still awaiting the results for the Ashford Group.

The grading commenced at 9 am and concluded at 8 pm.

Fighting Spirit Taekwondo, along with Master Colin, Jack, and their team, joined us as usual. Special thanks to all officials, including Jamie Harowicz (IT Support), for your selfless commitment throughout the day, contributing every second to help young people grow and support them for a better future.

Warm wishes,

Master Ista Tamang

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