Kup Grading Recommendation Candidates Name List

KUP Grading | Saturday 23rd Oct 2021 | 12pm – 4pm | In Ashford & 24th In Folkestone 10am – 11:30am

Hello everyone!

I hope you are well. Our second Kup Grading in 2021 will be on Saturday 23rd Oct 2021, 12pm at Sports Hall, The John Wallis School, Stanhope Rd, Ashford TN23 5RQ. If this date is not convenient for you then, you can attend on Sunday 24th October 2021 in Folkestone Club, Broomfield Hall, 37 Broomfield Rd, Folkestone CT19 4DJ at 10am.

Grading Fee must be paid by 9pm, Friday 22nd October 2021.

Door will open 12pm. Within 15 minutes time all the candidates must be presented at hall.

White belt candidates Exam will be finished by 1pm, so parents should be there to collect their kids around 1pm.

White-Yellow belt to Blue-red belts Exam will be finished by 4pm, so parents should be there between 3pm – 4pm to collect their kids.

Things to remamber and bring it with you on the day!

  1. Taekwondo Uniform and belt
  2. full protection gears (white-yellow belts and above only)
  3. Water bottle
  4. Any health issue & medication, you need to let us know in advance.

Sequence of event:

  1. 12:00pm – Door open (Once you arrive you will have to stay in your belt groups and each group will be getting one senior grade student to do warm up and practices)
  2. 12:15pm – Group photo graphs will be taken right before start the Exam.
  3. 12:20pm – Exam begins (Start with White belts)
  4. 1:00 pm – By this time all white belts candidates will be received their results and we will be presented their belt and certificate. Once you receive it, you can go home.
  5. Note: During White belt Exam, all other belts need to stay in their group and practice more with their Senior grade Student.
  6. 1pm to 4pm- There will be Phase one and Phase Two. In phase one you will be in your belt group and you will be doing Fitness, Hand Techniques & Stances and Poomsae. In Phase Two, you need to wear full protection gears. You will be nominated red or blue chest pad. Please check your details on the list at the entrance. You need to stay in Phase Two order. You will be tested on Kicking, One-step, Self-defence and Free Sparring.
  7. At the end you will announce your result and present you New Belts and Certificates.

Good luck to everyone!

________Candidates Name List________


1F188HLHenry Antony Peter Lock
2F160GLGeorge James Jason Lock
3F161DLDaisy Rebecca Susan Lock
4F226JSJames Yeonbin Collins Smith
5F225ALAlfie Long
6F174RTRyan Thapa
7F175RRTRiva Roshan Thapa
8F336SKShanchez Kaucha


9258HDHarrison Dubonossov-ahmad
10259KDKaiden Dubonossov-ahmad
11261AMAarav Mewara
12262NSNursang Sherpa
13263MRMayson Rai
14275GGGaurav Gurung
15276GGGarima Gurung
16279SGSampada Gurung
17281PSParishkrit Sherchan
18282PSPrasoon Sherchan
19284AAAmeer Amer
20285MAMaya Amer
21289DPDev Patel
22290NGNevan Gurung
23300RTRick Thapa
24305ECEbru Cruceru
25308HBHarriet Burch-gull
26309COChinonso Okeke 
27310AGAlvina Gurung
28312RJRRitiy Rai
29313RJRRiwaz Rai
30315ABAnsh Balodi
31316TKTanish Karkera
32317ELEmiko Limbu
33318SLSewhang Limbu
34320RSRinchhen Sherpa
35321SSSamden Sherpa
36322CLChoden Lama
37323JTJames Turner
38324JAJoshua Akhakielen
39325LORen Lauren Odgerel
40326FSFreddie Steward
41327STShreya Thapa
42329KGKrisha Gauchan
43330AAAbhinav Aryal
44331JAJazmin Aryal
45332SNSamik Neupane
46333JMJonathan Mithran
47353STShiven Thapa

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